BLACK PEEL-OFF mask is very efficient blackhead removal system. Provides excellent, cleansing and detoxifing solutions to your facial skin. Exclusive ingredient Active Charcoal attracts skin impurities like a magnet, leaving the pores clean and narrowed. Which hazel perfect conditioning agent, enhance the appearance of dry or damaged skin. Reduces flaking and restores the suppleness of the skin. Licorice Extract improves look of an uneven skin tone.

Fast absorbing formula visibly hydrates and renews skin elasticity providing youtfful appearance to the skin. Excellent S.O.S. treatment before an important event or evening.

Perfect for oily and mixed skin.

HOW TO USE: Clean your face and dry with warm towel. Apply peel-off mask on dry face. Distribute the mask on the face focusing on problematic «T” face area (forehead, nose, chin). Strictly avoid eye area and eyebrow ! Keep 25-45 minutes until the mask dries. Finally tear peel-off like a slice of wax. The rest of the remains, remove with warm water.

Use: one a week according to individual preferences.

After usage: redness on the skin is normal type of reaction.

Use once or twice a week.

BENEFITS 5 in 1 : skin becomes cleansed, refreshed, smoothed, hydrated and regenerated.