Enjoy the power of coco and plan the complete revitalization of your skin. Enjoy Coco Moisturizing Sheet Mask is a perfect essence for your face. Moisturizing and hydrating formula naturally derived from Coconut Water and trehaloze brings you fresher, moisturized and more radiant glow. After use, skin is left soothed and hydrated.

Suggested usage:

1.Clean your face as usual removing make-up.

2.Take a Coco Sheet Mask from the sachet.

  1. Apply to face and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Remove Coco Sheet Mask and use circular motion to massage residual liquid into skin.

No need to rinse.



Enjoy COCO is a tropical paradise for the skin. Line beautifies look of the normal, dry and dehydrated skin.

Super Skin Smoothing Serum provides incredible smooth and hydra balance. Creamy formula loaded with beautifying Coconut Oil and Coconut Water full of essential amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants, makes skin phenomenally smoothed, soft and velvet in the touch. Enriched with Trehaloze boosts deeper moisture.

Suggested usage: Apply a few pumps of the serum into the cleansed face and neckline skin. Gently tap. Leave to absorb. Use day/ night according to the individual preferences. Do not use in case of hyper -sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Natural source of benefits: perfect hydration, high nutrient, moisture, refreshed look and feel.

Perfect after fitness effort to keep skin smoothed and hydrated .



Active coconut beauty essence moisturizes, brings comfort and quick relief. its light mist strengthens the daily routine of beauty. Perfect after the physical effort. Thanks to the silver pigmentation you will feel fresh and beautiful!

Its formula based on coconut water is rich in natural minerals and vitamins (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B). The action of the mist increases the hydration of trehalose, which limits the loss of water from the epidermis.

How to use:

Cara · close your eyes. Spray on the entire face and neck from a distance of about 30 cm. Use before / after your routine skin care and physical exertion. Apply on the skin without makeup. Body · spray over the entire body with a few shots.



Velvet Coconut Body butter enriched with beneficial coconut water is a great way to immerse yourself in the scent of tropical paradise. Actively nourishes and hydrates. Restores smoothness and elasticity. Trehalose as a long-lasting moisturizing cocktail for the skin improves condition of the skin.

How to use:

Massage into the skin of the whole body. For everyday use. Any type of skin even sensitive.

Contains coconut water beneficial to the skin.



Enjoy the power of coco and plan the complete revitalization of your face. Gentle formula based on nutritious coconut water and moisturizing trehalose deeply purifies without clogging the pores. Removes make-up making skin clean, soft and refreshed. It does not leave an oily layer on the skin. For everyday use.

Suggested usage:

Soak a cotton swab with some Coconut Micellar Water and wipe off the skin. Repeat if necessary. No need to rinse. Use morning and evening.